There is no measure of my love for you As I am the man I am Every minute I try to be the man you want I know I am not Houses are not built out of paper Stars never seem close Money does not grow on the tree Silk is not what we wear

fun size

The wife was standing there eating a candy bar. Looking down I see wrappers on the ground, they were falling out of her pocket. Before I could address the fact she says they are from work and they are fun size. The response just rolled from my tongue, you keep eating them like that and

Duck Soup

Needed 2.0 qt slow cooker Giblets ( heart, liver, neck bone ) Fire roasted diced tomatoes ( 14.5 oz can ) Red kidney beans (15.5 oz can ) Place in slow cooker: 3/4 cup of water teaspoon of olive oil giblets cook for twenty minutes on low Add: roasted diced tomatoes kidney beans 2 teaspoons

Thank You Everyone

Would like to take the time to thank all of you for your comments. Have read a few and the kind words are appreciated more than you know. Know that my activity has been very little here for some time now, I do apologize to all of you for that. Life has pulled and shoved

Tall Grass

In the tall grass you stand Hands slide around to pull closer Lips kiss the crease of the neck As your hair tumbles in the warm breeze Thoughts roam to the scent that pulls one in as the other finds comfort in ones arms Moments pass to innocent interaction, hands that hold tight in longing

Why don’t you fly

Don’t you wander of the distant sky Bracing the concrete ledge Curious window spy Slumbering to a nearby statue Cooing cry upon the crackling hedge Oh pigeon why don’t you fly

Aunt Millie

Well honey you know when you reached the age of no its not a tick, It’s one of those hairy moles like Aunt Millie has


At the end of the rope Ah let me be more specific At the end of the rope hanging by a thread attached to that rope end Hung from that rope many times in my life. Always had it in me to climb back up. Here lately as I’ve gotten closer to the end of