It has been a while since I have posted last. Turned fifty one in January and it has not gone well so far. Really hoped 2019 was gonna be a better year than the last years endured. Should have known it was going to be year beyond a rocky beginning. In general I have the

Turned 50

This year I was fortunate to turn 50 years old. Did not bother me turning 50 but has been a long journey to this point. The paths I have taken and not taken have been challenging. Life has sure threw its hurdles, ups,downs, good and bad times. Then you get older and slow down some,


At the end of the rope Ah let me be more specific At the end of the rope hanging by a thread attached to that rope end Hung from that rope many times in my life. Always had it in me to climb back up. Here lately as I’ve gotten closer to the end of

The world is not meant for perfect happiness

I’m two steps away to being homeless I’m two steps away of being successful Please don’t sneeze I need successful Look at the world If it was meant It wouldn’t be beautiful among its ugliness If it was meant It wouldn’t be beautiful among the greed and misguided Everyone would be the same I get


There is no measure of my love for you As I am the man I am Every minute I try to be the man you want I know I am not Houses are not built out of paper Stars never seem close Money does not grow on the tree Silk is not what we wear


Unsteady the horizon Breath of desire Winds of hold on Tears fall from the canvas Over looking the bow Dreams are wonderful Reality is what is set Far fetched as stars I have wished Tied to the mass Unsteady as the horizon Is the heart, the mind Green eyes wonder, green eyes seek Gray seems

Duck soup

Needed 2.0 qt slow cooker Giblets ( heart, liver, neck bone ) Fire roasted diced tomatoes ( 14.5 oz can ) Red kidney beans (15.5 oz can ) Place in slow cooker: 3/4 cup of water teaspoon of olive oil giblets cook for twenty minutes on low Add: roasted diced tomatoes kidney beans 2 teaspoons