At the end of the rope
Ah let me be more specific
At the end of the rope hanging by a thread attached to that rope end

Hung from that rope many times in my life. Always had it in me to climb back up. Here lately as I’ve gotten closer to the end of the rope been doing a lot of thinking, contemplating and looking at the world.

Now I’m finger squeezing that thread as my feet dangle. Amazingly with my eyes wide open thinking, hell I’ve been at rock bottom as well. Wonder what would happen if I didn’t climb back up this time. Screw it just let them fingers slide right off this thread. Imagine that!

Tomorrow will always be a new day. Yesterday will always be the past and today is what I get through. Hell life story there ( What I got through ).

If you have never muttered the words ( it can’t get any worse ), well let me tell you it can. How ever you want to phrase it, up a creek without a paddle, end of your rope, hit rock bottom or …………

Even been asked well what ya gonna do now or been told you know what ya gotta do. Either way shake it off and keep going. You stand in that pile long enough you’ll just smell like it

So open your eyes, deep breath, mutter is that all you got and get to stepping. I imagine all the times I’ve been at the end of this rope, it should be just as interesting when my fingers slip from this thread.


Unsteady the horizon
Breath of desire
Winds of hold on
Tears fall from the canvas
Over looking the bow

Dreams are wonderful
Reality is what is set
Far fetched as stars I have wished
Tied to the mass

Unsteady the horizon
Is the heart, the mind
Green eyes wonder, green eyes seek
Gray seems to be
Silence is static that rings

Dangling above the deck
Beneath feet feet rising empty
Time is time
Some shall know one thought
Confusion beyond the rain

Unsteady the horizon
Creeping it will
A calm never traveled
Not how I lived
Left blood with thought of its all been a gas
Maybe my dreams will capture me in the next

Continuing I sail
Voice over shadows
Breaking the distant gaze
Captain we have been anchored to a turd

By: Robert Vardell

BlackWing Meats ( Elk Patties )

Recently purchased 16 oz box, 4 oz Elk patties distributed by BlackWing Meats from a grocery store. Personally I prefer Elk, Bison, Venison to Beef. Don’t get me wrong I like a good Beef steak or burger, though I just prefer wild game. Key words Wild Game, which the Elk patties purchased were not. Farm raised, without hormones or antibiotics, how all our meat should be raised. A first for me purchasing farm raised Elk meat. Before this all the Elk meat I had eaten had been hunted on cold days, field dressed in the middle of no where and processed in a make shift butcher shop ( garage ). If some one was to ask the taste of store bought compared to hunted, I would say: They are both what I am searching for in good meat and would recommend BlackWing Elk patties. Though on research it is cheaper to order from BlackWing directly if ordering in bulk or even for smaller portions, .


Scattered ashes
Sparrows fly
Voice carries on the winds
Above blossoming four o’clock
Young man sheds a tear

banjo’s, drums and clarinets
she hums a hymn while tugging at her dress
Weeping flowers bend
She held her color, held her ground

to whispers singing
there is hope for thy
there is hope for thy
there is hope for thy

Darkness in sunlight and rain
Hurt on memories
Seeping laughter upon reflection
Pond full of

Marching side by side
We carry on
Her voice on the wind
above blossoming four o’clock

There is hope for thy
to whispers singing
I seen her fly as the sparrow
above scattered ashes

Myself is here

They are never gonna find us here
Your my witness to no trail
We hid in the shadows with in the moonlight
Silence was on the tongue

Now what

Hide here as long as I can
Reveal in the freedom that is
Spread my arms in the spring breeze
Slumber in the music of the world

They are going to find you

Bridge I will cross
Till then we are here
Feel the warmth that is not under the sun
Safety as if no one can reach

One day you are going to surrender

Surrender to what
Not in my nature
We would not know it
We were born free
Why should I give them their greed

Its not all that you run from

I am not running

True, your hiding

I am not hiding, I am relaxing
From the life that is
You are correct I can not lump them
Some are just needy
And some just do not know how to let go
So some of us just get by

How long

Well till I am interrupted
So for now I am gonna sit here
On my Island watching the day pass
Talking to you, I mean myself till something makes sense
In this world


In this world
Of cruelty and splendor canvas
Where peace is found in simplest form
Inherit the day as it binds
Moments that do not return

Why is not the answer
Though suitable
Of why will I

Numb the thought
Dust in the wind
Time etched of your silhouette

Sadden may be the day
grazing opportunity not to
Open the grasp
See beyond the tips
Life even at, is just barely a sip

In this world
Of cruelty and splendor canvas
Why will I disappear

By: Robert Vardell


Find me in the darkness
No light to leave on
Promises from passers-by

Heart that burns low
Eyes that have traveled
Mind that is bound beyond

Understanding one day binds nothing
Lifetime of glancing
Name on the tip
Memory never found
Years have ticked
Pages on words
Road ridden stains
Dug in to color
Aside pain dances
Binding nothing one day knowing

That is beyond the mind
A traveled heart
In eyes that burn low

Swallowed by the darkness
A breath that is the wind
Particles a rye
I will go

Chimes among the toll

By; Robert Vardell 1/27/2015


Ah Tabai; Hunting Gods of the Mayan in Mexico. One of many deities in their religion relating to the protection of animals and the hunt.

We should protect the animals we share the earth with. Though we have been eating meat for more then a million years. Whether you are a meat eater or not we should agree protecting them should be a priority in the world. There are many cause’s, charities that stand up for animal rights and their protection. In a great number of cases people are non caring and hurt, kill and torture animals for there amusement. Then there are those that poach animals for whatever reasons, sell of fur, teeth and so on.

Personally the one phrase that bothers me the most is when people say hunting is a sport. Don’t see how killing a animal is a sport.

As a hunter I understand the skill behind catching your prey. Trust me I have missed more times then the digits on my hands. Growing up was taught a very important rule, I still live by and taught my children ( Eat what you kill ). Also was taught to use every part of the animal, which I also taught my children.

If you have never seen an Elk, Bear in the woods or a Deer, Fox running across a field, find time in your life to do so. You do not have to be hunting to so, some of my best moments was just hiking, driving and stumbling onto a Squirrel, Deer or pheasant and watching them. Don’t get me wrong though the thought of them on the dinner table did cross my mind.

Personally when people say how can you eat venison ( Deer ). You can only reply, How can you eat Beef?

Personally the best is when non meat eaters give you the riot act for eating meat. Well if you appreciate the earth and remembered anything from 5th grade science class, everything is living and the difference is trees, flowers and so on do not bleed red. But they live and die.

Remember to take a minute and support local and world wide conservation efforts in protecting and regulating to preserve the animals for the future of our children enjoyment and food source.

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