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Find me in the darkness
No light to leave on
Promises from passers-by

Heart that burns low
Eyes that have traveled
Mind that is bound beyond

Understanding one day binds nothing
Lifetime of glancing
Name on the tip
Memory never found
Years have ticked
Pages on words
Road ridden stains
Dug in to color
Aside pain dances
Binding nothing one day knowing

That is beyond the mind
A traveled heart
In eyes that burn low

Swallowed by the darkness
A breath that is the wind
Particles a rye
I will go

Chimes among the toll

By; Robert Vardell 1/27/2015


Ah Tabai; Hunting Gods of the Mayan in Mexico. One of many deities in their religion relating to the protection of animals and the hunt.

We should protect the animals we share the earth with. Though we have been eating meat for more then a million years. Whether you are a meat eater or not we should agree protecting them should be a priority in the world. There are many cause’s, charities that stand up for animal rights and their protection. In a great number of cases people are non caring and hurt, kill and torture animals for there amusement. Then there are those that poach animals for whatever reasons, sell of fur, teeth and so on.

Personally the one phrase that bothers me the most is when people say hunting is a sport. Don’t see how killing a animal is a sport.

As a hunter I understand the skill behind catching your prey. Trust me I have missed more times then the digits on my hands. Growing up was taught a very important rule, I still live by and taught my children ( Eat what you kill ). Also was taught to use every part of the animal, which I also taught my children.

If you have never seen an Elk, Bear in the woods or a Deer, Fox running across a field, find time in your life to do so. You do not have to be hunting to so, some of my best moments was just hiking, driving and stumbling onto a Squirrel, Deer or pheasant and watching them. Don’t get me wrong though the thought of them on the dinner table did cross my mind.

Personally when people say how can you eat venison ( Deer ). You can only reply, How can you eat Beef?

Personally the best is when non meat eaters give you the riot act for eating meat. Well if you appreciate the earth and remembered anything from 5th grade science class, everything is living and the difference is trees, flowers and so on do not bleed red. But they live and die.

Remember to take a minute and support local and world wide conservation efforts in protecting and regulating to preserve the animals for the future of our children enjoyment and food source.

Notice to all Parents over 60 : Pack a bag

Notice to all Parents over 60 : Pack a bag
Your at the age now where your travels are more to the hospital then to the islands, other states and countries. We both know your not just going once, unless you die that one time. Though in most cases your gonna visit the hospital again, again and again. Lets save us both time, aggravation and embarrassing moments we could due without in this time of crisis.
Thank You
From your Sons and Daughters

P.S. Really Parent? I could have blocked out the holy underwear, skid mark that wouldn’t wash out, though honestly do not want to touch them, but I didn’t need to see that in your drawer.

Written By: Robert Vardell

Personal Note: Get well soon Mom

Not Perfect

The world is not meant for perfect happiness

I am two steps away from being homeless
I am two steps away from being successful
Please do not sneeze I need successful

Look at the world
If it was meant
It would not be beautiful among its ugliness

If it was meant
It would not be beautiful among the greed and misguided
Everyone would be the same

I get one
So much to see
So much to do
Though trapped has been my destination

Daily I live
Daily I die
Daily I dream
Smile upon a frown

Look at the world
I get one
I am two steps away
I am in a world that is not meant for perfect happiness

By Robert Vardell

Is You

Sailed onto your blue
On the devils sleeve
Trying everything to restrain
A view distorted onto confusion
Puzzle that entangles within mystery

Hearts apart drawn by the stars
above soft spoken words
Though the view blurred
Of voices that are not heard
To pages read in increments

Onto your blue I sail
On the Devils palm I dance
Trying everything to restrain
Past the darkness fingers intertwine
Faded as a bright horizon hindering tearful souls
Dangling from its strands ripping the senses hair tumbles across the face
Held to be weaved in a rhythm 

Withering to knowing moments
above voices in hours of the night
Cleared in a window through
hearts are pulled to be heard
Voices tell of time that has became

I sailed onto a dance of blue
Dangling from the fingers of
Restraining my everything
The entangled puzzle I view
Is you

By Robert Vardell


Broken up, torn and delivered
Tears escape from the flesh
Beneath wise eyes that bleed upon grace

Hello there within this

Weariness that encumbers as you just want to lay down to not rise
Knowing you can not cause so many mark the minute
Capturing another breath enforces the weariness
Home is not home, though stranded you gaze to stray
Exit seems so simple, though all that gathers make it complicated
As capturing another breath tiredness blankets

there within this

Long sigh in tall wheat I let the sun burn my eyes
Wind beats my ears in a reflection that stretches
The moon ravishes dreams onto slow dieing flesh
Fingers are swallowed into the clouds as a doves heart being skun

Within this goodbye

Tongue swallowed on gasping breath for unsaid
Stretching fingers breath the desire that is thrown
Unto the mind that swims the ocean not to catch

This within

By Robert Vardell

Dance on my ashes

Take a bow
I would do it all again
Its been a long introduction in a short time

Among the dead oak in tall reeds
Standing ankle deep as the crow sounds
Starring into myself
As a roaring flood I am not done till I am

In this life I do consider
Even if we hold hands at the end
I will journey alone
A trip of one last breath

Come one, come all
Bring the G.B.W
Start a bombfire and light the fireworks
Get loud, chant, yell, laugh and maybe I’ll hear you on my way
Say goodbye as I lived my life
With no treading regrets, just mistakes and lessons learned

Among the dead oak in tall reeds
Standing ankle deep as the crow sounds
Starring into myself
As a roaring flood I am not done till I am

In this life
Family and friends I have seen come and go
Never enough words
Never enough time
I do consider one last breath

Come one, come all
I have taken my last bow
Start a bonfire and light the fireworks
Say goodbye as I lived my life
I would do it all again

Trip of one last breath
Now maybe I will be free
By: Robert Vardell July / 23 / 2013