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Notice to all Parents over 60 : Pack a bag

Notice to all Parents over 60 : Pack a bag
Your at the age now where your travels are more to the hospital then to the islands, other states and countries. We both know your not just going once, unless you die that one time. Though in most cases your gonna visit the hospital again, again and again. Lets save us both time, aggravation and embarrassing moments we could due without in this time of crisis.
Thank You
From your Sons and Daughters

P.S. Really Parent? I could have blocked out the holy underwear, skid mark that wouldn’t wash out, though honestly do not want to touch them, but I didn’t need to see that in your drawer.

Written By: Robert Vardell

Personal Note: Get well soon Mom

WGN, Cubs and Grandpa

Do not watch much WGN news or listen to WGN radio. Today was rainy and gloomy so found myself indoors flipping from one show to the other I stopped on channel 9. They announced that WGN radio and Cubs were parting ways after 90 years. Towards the end of the news article they read twitter comments from viewers. Reading one from a lady that wrote how she was happy of the decision, because it would not interrupt her programs hearing the baseball game updates, I thought about someone. Appreciating their 90 years of 2 major entity’s in our history is not what made me open my mind. It was of someone that taught me so many things though that was not that came to thought. Not how we built a house boat together, how he taught me to level a trailer, use a hammer or boxing as he reminded me to keep my hands up. Though I understood what the lady meant in my own way. Seemed whenever I was with my grandpa, regardless if we were fishing, sitting in the kitchen or building that houseboat he had on the cubs game on WGN radio. Knew asking then the channel would not get changed, oh the torture. It was from the time I was 12 till my 20’s it felt as if someone was running a knitting needle through my ears. It was just boring and I was a teenager wanting to hear all the music you could shove into my brain. Led Zeppelin, Hank Williams JR, Iggy PoP, Ramones, Black Sabbath but instead my brain being lifted, it was drained with the Cubs loosing. After my grandpa passed away in my early twenty’s did not think much of it till my early thirty’s. The oldest son Justin and I were in the garage tinkering around and remember they were announcing the game. Rushing to the radio he began to rotate its dial changing the station. “Hold up boy” I shouted and then I told him to turn it back. Replying okay he turned it back with a puzzled look and I seen the disappointment in his eyes. Justin did not ask and I did not tell him why, though it was new for him to hear me listen to a baseball game. In years that has passed every once in awhile I stumbled onto a Cubs game on WGN radio listening. Not till today when I was sitting in front of the idiot box hearing WGN radio and the Cubs parting ways after 90 years, did I think of all the grand memories Grandpa and I had through my 23 years he was alive listening to the two.

My Three Sons

Each one of them are different. 26. 24 and 15 are the ages of my sons. Reality you treat your kids different. Not because you favor one over the other. Cause each one of them are different. At 46 years of age my greatest accomplishments are my three sons. Although you treat them different due to their own individuality as a father you love them equally.  Past few years I have been a single father raising my 15 year old.  It has been truly different then raising my two oldest and my youngest in his pre-teen years when there was a mom around. As we all know life happens between couples, finances, grow apart, same interest become different, someone else catches the others interest. No matter of the hundred and some reason why parents or couples are not together its hard on the children regardless of their age. This post isn’t about explaining to your kids why Mommy and Daddy are not together any more and you will understand when you are our age. This post is about my three sons that have taught me as much as I have taught them. Its about them making me a better person through the years and the life they awaken my eyes to. Most of all the laughter, them boys have made me laugh, chuckle and smile more then anyone could in my life. Reaching this point of the post all I can think is if I could ask one thing of the universe is that my three sons could have as much laughter with their children.

By: Robert Vardell