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Duck soup

Needed 2.0 qt slow cooker Giblets ( heart, liver, neck bone ) Fire roasted diced tomatoes ( 14.5 oz can ) Red kidney beans (15.5 oz can ) Place in slow cooker: 3/4 cup of water teaspoon of olive oil giblets cook for twenty minutes on low Add: roasted diced tomatoes kidney beans 2 teaspoons

Goat Cheese Burger

Goat Cheese Burger Goat cheese with garlic and herbs Hamburger Fried sauerkraut Fried onions ( thin sliced ) Fried mushrooms ( not breaded ) Lightly toasted bun Spread top of bun with goat cheese. Place cooked hamburger on bun. Stack sauerkraut on hamburger, mushrooms and onions. Put it together and eat.