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Last Thing I Wrote

In this rodeo of mine
I have been thrown for dead
Though stood spinning
With eyes drawn
in a world with no heart
to be lost in its tears

Though words linger
Wonder of how long its been
I will take it from here
I remember when
Those years traveled
Before now just images
that have been

In this rodeo of mine
I have ridden through bittersweet
rested pain between the sheets
Watched her in a sundress
With eyes drawn
in a world with no heart
to be lost in its tears

Though words linger
Ponder the moment
that I found myself here
With blood shot eyes
among open wounds
Steady I fall
As I gaze onto the plain
destination twisted by fate

That I have been thrown
Though the mind lingers
bittersweet words
In this rodeo of mine
That is the last thing I wrote
in a world with no heart
to be lost in its tears
By: Robert Vardell August / 24 / 2013

A Song

Haze within the day
Radio plays, mind is set to groove
Mind wonders, mind ponders, mind remembers
Like a summer day in a winter moment
Music plays as adrenaline pushes through the veins
Transcending me

The moon hangs
In a summer dress beneath you move
Toes dig in, arms reach and fingers lead
Hair slightly tumbles and sand is moved
Captivated to the movement
As a hunter watching its prey
You twist among the ocean spray

Though that was not all that
Moments flooded the brain
That was the last true
Humbled within a song
From excitement to tears
A song never sung
Sadness of gone
Gone to never return
Beneath the stars life turns

Some of us together
Most of us alone
Reason of one or another
Here I am tied to a song
A song of the past that haunts today’s and tomorrows
I try to stay on the dune
As I said moments flooded
Good and bad they flow to leave an empty
Pit in the stomach that aches the heart

Once again a tear rolls
Sadness of gone
To a song never sung
Though humbled to a song that plays
For someone that is gone to never return
I leave flowers on hollowed ground
By: Robert Vardell July / 18 / 2013

The Zoo

We are looking in
They are looking out

Children laugh and awe
Adults point and converse
No one pays attention not even the keeper

Look at their demeanor
Look at their eyes
Regardless of the room
Trapped, bound and caged

If you ever have been
Shackled, locked up and bound
Restrained where the mind wonders of freedom
You know the gaze
I’ve seen it in men
Same look I see today

Rationalize it how you will
Debate it
Though the education, the attractions and the dollar
Will remain to find an endless gaze at the zoo
By: Robert Vardell August / 26 / 2013