Ah Tabai; Hunting Gods of the Mayan in Mexico. One of many deities in their religion relating to the protection of animals and the hunt.

We should protect the animals we share the earth with. Though we have been eating meat for more then a million years. Whether you are a meat eater or not we should agree protecting them should be a priority in the world. There are many cause’s, charities that stand up for animal rights and their protection. In a great number of cases people are non caring and hurt, kill and torture animals for there amusement. Then there are those that poach animals for whatever reasons, sell of fur, teeth and so on.

Personally the one phrase that bothers me the most is when people say hunting is a sport. Don’t see how killing a animal is a sport.

As a hunter I understand the skill behind catching your prey. Trust me I have missed more times then the digits on my hands. Growing up was taught a very important rule, I still live by and taught my children ( Eat what you kill ). Also was taught to use every part of the animal, which I also taught my children.

If you have never seen an Elk, Bear in the woods or a Deer, Fox running across a field, find time in your life to do so. You do not have to be hunting to so, some of my best moments was just hiking, driving and stumbling onto a Squirrel, Deer or pheasant and watching them. Don’t get me wrong though the thought of them on the dinner table did cross my mind.

Personally when people say how can you eat venison ( Deer ). You can only reply, How can you eat Beef?

Personally the best is when non meat eaters give you the riot act for eating meat. Well if you appreciate the earth and remembered anything from 5th grade science class, everything is living and the difference is trees, flowers and so on do not bleed red. But they live and die.

Remember to take a minute and support local and world wide conservation efforts in protecting and regulating to preserve the animals for the future of our children enjoyment and food source.

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