My Three Sons

Each one of them are different. 26. 24 and 15 are the ages of my sons. Reality you treat your kids different. Not because you favor one over the other. Cause each one of them are different. At 46 years of age my greatest accomplishments are my three sons. Although you treat them different due to their own individuality as a father you love them equally.  Past few years I have been a single father raising my 15 year old.  It has been truly different then raising my two oldest and my youngest in his pre-teen years when there was a mom around. As we all know life happens between couples, finances, grow apart, same interest become different, someone else catches the others interest. No matter of the hundred and some reason why parents or couples are not together its hard on the children regardless of their age. This post isn’t about explaining to your kids why Mommy and Daddy are not together any more and you will understand when you are our age. This post is about my three sons that have taught me as much as I have taught them. Its about them making me a better person through the years and the life they awaken my eyes to. Most of all the laughter, them boys have made me laugh, chuckle and smile more then anyone could in my life. Reaching this point of the post all I can think is if I could ask one thing of the universe is that my three sons could have as much laughter with their children.

By: Robert Vardell

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