BlackWing Meats ( Elk Patties )

Recently purchased 16 oz box, 4 oz Elk patties distributed by BlackWing Meats from a grocery store. Personally I prefer Elk, Bison, Venison to Beef. Don’t get me wrong I like a good Beef steak or burger, though I just prefer wild game. Key words Wild Game, which the Elk patties purchased were not. Farm raised, without hormones or antibiotics, how all our meat should be raised. A first for me purchasing farm raised Elk meat. Before this all the Elk meat I had eaten had been hunted on cold days, field dressed in the middle of no where and processed in a make shift butcher shop ( garage ). If some one was to ask the taste of store bought compared to hunted, I would say: They are both what I am searching for in good meat and would recommend BlackWing Elk patties. Though on research it is cheaper to order from BlackWing directly if ordering in bulk or even for smaller portions, .

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