Robert Vardell

About Me: Robert Vardell
Owner of: / Founded 2006
Age: 46
Father of three
6 grandchildren
From: Illinois
Places Lived: Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, Arizona.
Places Traveled: All connecting States, Mexico and Canada
Occupation: / Handyman
Past Occupations: Artist, Landscaper, construction, Meat cutter, Miner, Classified advertising, Floor installer, Houseboat builder, Paper factory, Tattooist, affiliate marketer, Painter, and the list goes on to jobs I have did.
Interest and Hobbies: Outdoors, hiking, camping, boating, motorcycles, art, different cultures, history, music, this is a very long list.
Favorite quote: Wake up swinging
Charities I support: Helping Others in the Community, Conservation, Children’s Hospital
Whats important to me the most: Family and Friends

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