Is You

Sailed onto your blue
On the devils sleeve
Trying everything to restrain
A view distorted onto confusion
Puzzle that entangles within mystery

Hearts apart drawn by the stars
above soft spoken words
Though the view blurred
Of voices that are not heard
To pages read in increments

Onto your blue I sail
On the Devils palm I dance
Trying everything to restrain
Past the darkness fingers intertwine
Faded as a bright horizon hindering tearful souls
Dangling from its strands ripping the senses hair tumbles across the face
Held to be weaved in a rhythm 

Withering to knowing moments
above voices in hours of the night
Cleared in a window through
hearts are pulled to be heard
Voices tell of time that has became

I sailed onto a dance of blue
Dangling from the fingers of
Restraining my everything
The entangled puzzle I view
Is you

By Robert Vardell

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