Myself is here

They are never gonna find us here
Your my witness to no trail
We hid in the shadows with in the moonlight
Silence was on the tongue

Now what

Hide here as long as I can
Reveal in the freedom that is
Spread my arms in the spring breeze
Slumber in the music of the world

They are going to find you

Bridge I will cross
Till then we are here
Feel the warmth that is not under the sun
Safety as if no one can reach

One day you are going to surrender

Surrender to what
Not in my nature
We would not know it
We were born free
Why should I give them their greed

Its not all that you run from

I am not running

True, your hiding

I am not hiding, I am relaxing
From the life that is
You are correct I can not lump them
Some are just needy
And some just do not know how to let go
So some of us just get by

How long

Well till I am interrupted
So for now I am gonna sit here
On my Island watching the day pass
Talking to you, I mean myself till something makes sense
In this world

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