Broken up, torn and delivered
Tears escape from the flesh
Beneath wise eyes that bleed upon grace

Hello there within this

Weariness that encumbers as you just want to lay down to not rise
Knowing you can not cause so many mark the minute
Capturing another breath enforces the weariness
Home is not home, though stranded you gaze to stray
Exit seems so simple, though all that gathers make it complicated
As capturing another breath tiredness blankets

there within this

Long sigh in tall wheat I let the sun burn my eyes
Wind beats my ears in a reflection that stretches
The moon ravishes dreams onto slow dieing flesh
Fingers are swallowed into the clouds as a doves heart being skun

Within this goodbye

Tongue swallowed on gasping breath for unsaid
Stretching fingers breath the desire that is thrown
Unto the mind that swims the ocean not to catch

This within

By Robert Vardell

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