We the people should not have to choose sides. Though look at the times of yesterday there is always a side to be chosen. Though as an United States Citizen it should be obligation to protect The Flag, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights and every thing United States.

We entrust our freedom and our tomorrows of protect and serve to the government, military, police, fire fighters, and so on. When they fail they should be held accountable. Instead the Propaganda and the circus always seems to get more out of control.

Honestly I do not care about sides or parties. What I do care about is up holding what the forefathers laid out. It serves us all and gives us the freedom that brings people from around the world to become United States Citizens in search of a better life.

Within that better life there is always hate and tyranny. When you look back and see how we have moved forward but still stand still in a never ending cycle we should be asking ourself why. Does it lay in our government? Does it stem from our educational system? Does it begin with our media and corporations? Or is it just plain greed? The question regardless does not lay in a statue or face on a cereal box. No country has a good history there is always bad. If history is not observed for what it is it can not be taught. If it can not be taught it can not find growth in coming generations.

Keep hearing what people are owed. Do not apologize or pay for what you have not done. No one is owed anything in this country from another culture or race. What is owed to each United States Citizen is the government, military, police, firefighters and so on to be held accountable. It is there job to Protect and Serve. Honestly I believe the People have allowed them to fail due to we know we are better than what has been happening. Once again the past has became a issue in the present. Police brutality, rioting, looting and organizations that are no more than bullies or some would say terrorists.

As I write this I am reminded by something John F. Kennedy said ( ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country ). Every day in this country we have the chance to make a difference. Whether in our community, city, town, county, state or country. If we are not present as individuals to make a difference then we get what is set by others to find what we are experiencing today.

Issues beyond police brutality
Child hunger
Sex trafficking
Illegal immigration
Price guaging
Child molestation
Wildlife conservation
Term limits for all government
Rehabilitation that works
Drug addiction
Double standard
Laws that just dont work or plain stupid
Equality of life for all Americans
The list of problems can continue…..etc.

When you ask what side I have chosen. I was taught to hire the right person for the job. If that person protects The Flag, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil rights and everything United States and willing to serve the interest of every United States Citizen that is were my vote begins.

Final words to All United States Citizens, be informed and present your community needs you.

July 1 2020 by Robert Vardell

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