Crypto Currency

Crypto currency
Here are a few companies you can build your crypto wallet with. You will not get rich over night but its a good start to building your Internet fortune.  We can not guarantee your success due to each person has different learning and work ethics. We do wish you the best with them.

Learn, Earn, Invest, Wallet

Invest and wallet
Binance US 
Exodus        Have Exodus on my desktop, mobile and is my preferred wallet next to coinbase.  

Mining Crypto
Cudo Miner  I have used cudo miner for sometime now and its good for the beginner and novice individual that wants to or that mines crypto currency.

 Collect free bitcoin UNMINED

Geo Mining

Mining Browser
Others are mining bitcoins and you’re still watching? It’s high time you tried it yourself, especially since there is the CryptoTab Browser - the world’s one and only Web browser allowing you to earn crypto with no investments, hidden costs, or scams. Seems like earning crypto has never been easier! Download it and see for yourself: Click here 

Brave    Better than google and duck duck go.

Globalhive  Only collect every 24 hours, 

Faucet, Play, ptc, watch videos, surveys, refer and earn crypto 

Play, refer, surveys and earn crypto
Free Tether
Free Dash
Free Binance coin

Up and coming crypto companies, currencies or tokens

Click here to get free Kittycoin Token

Get your free Pi token ( Please use invitation code vardell68 )

Click here to get free ZING

Ecoin Growing its own currency token

GCU is a company to get involved with if your interested in different and growing crypto currency's. They also offer hard cash as well. If you are interested Click here to learn more