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Stocks and Investments

Keeping this simple, these are legitimate companies that want your business. They are offering free stocks and free money to get you started. If you invite family, friends or anyone, they will give you more free stocks and money.

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7) Iconsumer learn more here just click

8) Onegold invites you to open an account. and receive an instant $5. Once you make your first purchase of $100 or more, you will receive another credit of $5.00 that you use towards future purchases. Give the gift of financial peace of mind by inviting your friends and family to OneGold Click Here

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10) This company here is straight investment. There is no invite for family and friends to make an extra dollar. though they have a reasonable investment platform. My Happy Nest

Here are several more companies that do not have invite, or referral but are good for your dollar as well. A) Republic B) Netcapital