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I believe in the United States Flag
I Believe in the United States Declaration of Independence
I believe in the United States Constitution
I believe in the United States Civil rights

Our forefathers from George Washington to Martin Luther king and then some an in between gave us the tools. Everyday in this country we have the right to make a difference within our town, city, county, state and country. Though its seems in our history we find ourselves where we are today. Not all protest will be calm and non violent. Destroying a business whether its a mom and pop or a franchise don’t solve the issue, when you attack seniors, youth, ages in between of any race don’t solve the problem.

Matters we are facing with police brutality should go from our streets to the steps of our police stations, city halls, state capitols and our congress right up to the president, Not our businesses and homes. When our police and governments from town, city, state and federal fail to protect and serve its our job as We the People to enforce they do their job.

We should not be burning our flag, we should not be defacing our memorials, we should not be destroying our businesses, we should not be divided on issues that effect human life.

This is my question to all United States Citizen and soon to be: When the protest of this police brutality is finished and it calms down. Whats next for you? Will you show up to the next town, city and state assembly. If not they don’t care and we will repeat this. Though it seems in our history…………….

I believe in the American people

Final note: If we do not show up and stand up for our rights together nothing will change whether police brutality, high taxes, unfair minimum wage, non sense laws and so on. We have great history filled with good and bad but tomorrow is what defines us on who we are today.

June 2, 2020 By: Robert Vardell

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