In My Mind

In My Mind is the first book I self published. Here are several poems listed that were written on the pages in the book.

Dance life till the end

So many have muttered
live life to the fullest
So much to see
So much to do
So many not free
No time to count wilted flowers
in a garden that will produce more
Every breath till the last
is more precious than of one’s desires
A shame of shallow material things
some wrap their being around
How long you live will be to short
regardless of the days in age
There is no guarantee of tomorrow
Memories will be left behind
for those that remain
Smiles in the shedding of frowns
I say, no tissues, no tears
dance with me till the end
Remember me for now
I say for those
You should have known me

Autumn Leaves

We once loved in the snow
Danced in the springs rain
Found harmony in summers sunshine
Sung among all their winds
Now I am not lost in your eyes or
feel your everlasting touch
You have threw me from your heart
now among autumn leaves you burn my words
A fools wish
In what I seek
Within my heart
that tangles a weave to the soul
offering an abundance that is projected

In mind a woman of desire
calmness to be loved for who she is
What she offers and is willing to give
day in and day out

Honesty, integrity, patience, faithful, intelligent, caring
Adventurous, romantic, trustworthy, spontaneous
Substance, understanding, friendship, sharing, expressive
Unique, peaceful, spirited, passionate, modern, values
Honorable, strong, humorous, fighter, vocal and adorable

I am a fighter in a boat floating
on a river of flower petals in a desert storm
A past I do not dwell but cherish
Glances back with a smile of no regrets
Accept me for who I am
Changes come with everyday

Dreams of me and no one else
Takes my hand to step into the future
Stands next me
not behind nor in-front
Has dreams and goals and willing to strive
Someone that can make the most out of nothing
so the little things are important as the big

Dreams of being a queen
But is grounded to the reality of moments
Together moon lit nights on a beach
Times we press our hands together
Stare into each others eyes
This is what is priceless
Not afraid to express her desires

In what I seek a fools wish to unconditional love that may not exist
Just a fools wish
Kneeling moon

Castle's crumble
Wave's wash away dreams
through the haze above the sand
Wind howls to the man that stands
Path of the righteous
that was built on lonely
Left in the memories of yesterday
hanging faith onto others
Uncertain future of tomorrow in thoughts
just a beginning of unexplored
Eyes of green are not eyes of blue
the man kneels in the moon
Why don't you fly

Don't you wander of the distant sky
Bracing the concrete ledge
Curious window spy
Slumbering to a nearby statue
Cooing cry upon the crackling hedge
Oh pigeon why don't you fly

There is no true get rich scheme
What ever you pursue will be work
Though there is moments of richness
That are more priceless then any gold or diamond
Journey with a friend
A goal to pursue
Pursuing goal that reminds you of life
The goal you were pursuing becomes obselete
It was not what we found beneath the earths surface
It was not what flowed within the streams
It was what mother nature gives daily
That so many take advantage of
So many pass by without noticing
Many will not see personally in their lifetime
Life should not be experienced in a post card, picture, television or on the internet
It should be lived hands on
Much to see, much to do in this world
A world that is ever changing
Asking me if the goal was profitable
Answer would be yes
No bank could ever hold the wealth I found
Only the gold