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    Last Will and Testament

    What Should Be Included in Your Last Will & Testament?
    There are many things a will can help you do, including but not limited to:

    Easily pass along specific assets to designated individuals or causes
    Place certain assets into trusts
    Name a chosen guardian for minor children
    Designate a hand-selected executor or administrator to manage your estate
    Spell out instructions for the handling of your estate
    Even if you don’t have much to leave for your loved ones, leaving a will can make the process easier for them. It can also ensure that emotionally valuable things end up with the right person. Even those who already have a trust in place, should consider creating a Pour Over Will that designates a guardian for minor children and covers anything that may have inadvertently been left out of the trust.

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    Siedentopf Law can help you draft a new last will & testament, update an existing will, or review your will for compliance with legal standards in case of a will contest. Plus, our firm can also explain the contents of your will to any beneficiaries.