I do not support Black Lives Matter
I do not support All Lives Matter
I do not support Police Brutality
I do not support Illegal Immigration
I do not support Democrats
I do not Support Lies and Deceit

I support the United States Citizen
I support the Diverse Culture and People The United States has to offer
I support the Freedoms we have
I support American Business and Products
I support the Difference of Opinion
I support Wildlife Conservation

I do not support Bad Politics
I do not support Politically Correctness
I do not support Abortion
I do not support Pedophiles
I do not support Ripping Our History Apart
I do not Support Animal Cruelty

I support The United States of America
I support The Declaration of Independence
I support The Constitution
I support The Bill of Rights
I support our Troops
I Support Tomorrow’s Growth

Support that one day All Americans will Wake Up, Stop Buying and Stand Together Against the Propaganda that Politicians, Big Business and the Media dish out daily.

6/11/ 2020. By: Robert Vardell

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