At the end of the rope
Ah let me be more specific
At the end of the rope hanging by a thread attached to that rope end

Hung from that rope many times in my life. Always had it in me to climb back up. Here lately as I’ve gotten closer to the end of the rope been doing a lot of thinking, contemplating and looking at the world.

Now I’m finger squeezing that thread as my feet dangle. Amazingly with my eyes wide open thinking, hell I’ve been at rock bottom as well. Wonder what would happen if I didn’t climb back up this time. Screw it just let them fingers slide right off this thread. Imagine that!

Tomorrow will always be a new day. Yesterday will always be the past and today is what I get through. Hell life story there ( What I got through ).

If you have never muttered the words ( it can’t get any worse ), well let me tell you it can. How ever you want to phrase it, up a creek without a paddle, end of your rope, hit rock bottom or …………

Even been asked well what ya gonna do now or been told you know what ya gotta do. Either way shake it off and keep going. You stand in that pile long enough you’ll just smell like it

So open your eyes, deep breath, mutter is that all you got and get to stepping. I imagine all the times I’ve been at the end of this rope, it should be just as interesting when my fingers slip from this thread.

by Robert Vardell

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