Turned 50

This year I was fortunate to turn 50 years old. Did not bother me turning 50 but has been a long journey to this point. The paths I have taken and not taken have been challenging. Life has sure threw its hurdles, ups,downs, good and bad times. Then you get older and slow down some, then one day you wake up and say what the hell, start looking around to who is still alive while you think about all the stupid things you have did in your life. You smile thinking how in the hell am I still here as you feel your body reminding you of all the stupid stuff you did. What catches your attention the most are the people that are not here any more. Family and friends that have checked out for one reason or another. We all know death is apart of life that can not be avoided and your time is eventually going to come, whether it is naturally, accident or by a hand. Will I make it another 10, 20 or maybe thirty more years? The people you have grew up with has dwindled and your starring to what is in front of you and who. Your mate, children, grandchildren, family and friends that remain. Thoughts of what will be after, what becomes of them and where does their journey take them next. Knowing I will bury more before I go, so not looking forward to those. Life that I still want to experience such as places I have not been, people I have not meet and the all famous things I still want to do. Really do not have a bucket list made out, but I do have things that get kicked around in my head I would like to do before leaving this world. Regardless of the things, places and people we are only here for a moment no matter how long you live. The all famous ( not enough hours in the day ) becomes more and more, Seems like yesterday. Best advice I can give at this time, don’t waste it, don’t be scared to live, see and do all you can because tomorrow may not come.

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