A Song

Haze within the day
Radio plays, mind is set to groove
Mind wonders, mind ponders, mind remembers
Like a summer day in a winter moment
Music plays as adrenaline pushes through the veins
Transcending me

The moon hangs
In a summer dress beneath you move
Toes dig in, arms reach and fingers lead
Hair slightly tumbles and sand is moved
Captivated to the movement
As a hunter watching its prey
You twist among the ocean spray

Though that was not all that
Moments flooded the brain
That was the last true
Humbled within a song
From excitement to tears
A song never sung
Sadness of gone
Gone to never return
Beneath the stars life turns

Some of us together
Most of us alone
Reason of one or another
Here I am tied to a song
A song of the past that haunts today’s and tomorrows
I try to stay on the dune
As I said moments flooded
Good and bad they flow to leave an empty
Pit in the stomach that aches the heart

Once again a tear rolls
Sadness of gone
To a song never sung
Though humbled to a song that plays
For someone that is gone to never return
I leave flowers on hollowed ground
By: Robert Vardell July / 18 / 2013

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