Words in the palm

In my palm
Feel what I do not say
Stare at the lines that have been etched
In the mirror
Starring at a face that has met me
A man that has seen days of yesterday
A man if he was to look back nothing would be the same
The scars, tattoo’s and the lines that run through
Reminders to who I have grew
In my palm
Feel your heart beating as your cheek rest in torn flesh
Let me rest within your loins as fingers go through my hair
Settle the demons I have soared
In the mirror
Seeing you staring back at me
A man that has been fortunate
A man that has a future
No angel in disguise just a loving hand
What was my past?
All I can see now
As if I had not lived
Warmth beyond a coldness to a non ending journey
Now all I know is you from waking breath till my last
Close your eyes and feel me write
3 words in your palm

By Robert Vardell

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